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Many students work hard to perform well in school—but without success. These students are intelligent, creative, try to pay attention in class, and put real effort into completing assignments. Still, their academic performance remains lower than expected.

For several years, our team of accomplished educators and curriculum developers became increasingly frustrated by the lack of educational materials designed for visual learners—especially because we knew that at least 65 percent of Americans are visual learners.

At the same time, we found very few resources for middle-school students whose curriculum are aligned with Common Core Learning Standards. We set out to fill both of these voids with the creation of Visual Brand Learning.

Visual Brand Learning provides educationally  published materials specifically designed to help visual learners achieve academic success in science and social studies.

The Visual Brand Learning approach is thoughtful, creative, and sensitive to the unique mental-processing styles of students who learn most effectively with images that support text. We are particularly mindful of the needs of students with dyslexia, Asperger’s syndrome, and ADHD.

“One in five human beings walking around currently on this planet are dyslexic. . . . How many other things are there that affect that many people that are still so misunderstood?” –Robert Redford, from “How the Redford family are changing our thinking on dyslexia,” The Guardian/Observer, Oct. 15, 2013.


Visual Brand Flashcards motivate and empower visual learners. As students discover that they can succeed by using visual materials that correspond to what they are learning in school, their confidence is boosted, and they begin to thrive academically.

Visual Brand Flashcards’ use of photos, graphs, models, maps, and other images alongside written text enables middle-school students to quickly comprehend main concepts and key vocabulary terms that are aligned with Common Core Learning Standards and state standards.

Flashcard sets each focus on a specific science or social studies topic, such as Rocks and Minerals, The Solar System, Native Americans, and Ancient Egypt. Each set includes 20 to 40 flashcards, depending on the complexity of the topic.

Visual Brand Learning is continually developing new materials for additional science and social studies topics. Soon, a large image card that connects and unifies key concepts and vocabulary terms for each topic will be available.

For example, the Ancient Egypt set will include a large map of the Middle East. Students will see Ancient Egypt’s location in relation to other countries in the same geographical area and gain a comprehensive understanding of main characteristics of Ancient Egyptian civilization.

For parents and teachers of visual learners, Visual Brand Learning also offers Resource Pages with information about Common Core, visual learners, dyslexia, Asperger’s syndrome, ADHD, and related topics. More in-depth information can be accessed by clicking on the interactive maps and links to various state standards, articles, books, videos, and organizations.

We will continually update the Resource Pages to reflect new research, articles, changes in state legislation, and other relevant information that might be of assistance or interest to visual learners and their parents.

Our mission at Visual Brand Learning is to help visual learners fulfill their learning potential with positive learning experiences. We welcome and appreciate all suggestions about how we can better assist you and your visual learner.

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Is your middle-school child struggling with concepts taught and tested in school? Are you and your child frustrated because he or she doesn’t learn as well as expected? If so, your child is probably a visual learner, one who learns by seeing.
Most of us—including ELL students and those with dyslexia, Asperger’s, and ADHD—are visual learners. In fact, everyone comprehends information best when it is presented along with informative images, such as photos, charts, models, and maps.


Visual Brand Learning offers innovative, research-based materials to help middle-school students perform to their potential in science, social studies, and language arts.
Each Visual Brand Study Guides defines a key concept or vocabulary term by using text AND an engaging, multifaceted image. Including detailed images as an integral part of definitions for middle-school students is unique to Visual Brand Learning. Our approach empowers visual learners to comprehend and retain essential content much faster than with text alone.
Visual Brand Study Guides are designed to inspire your child and accelerate academic success.


Most states have adopted Common Core State Standards for grades K‒12, with the goal of preparing all students in the United States for success in college, training programs, and careers. Like Common Core itself, Visual Brand Learning builds upon and strengthens lessons developed to unify individual state standards.
Visual Brand Learning materials are aligned with state standards for science and social studies topics, as well as language arts skills, for grades 5‒8. Our Study Guides provide integrated support so visual learners can master key concepts, vocabulary terms, and literacy skills aligned with Common Core—and also develop proficiency with STEM.

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