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Common Core

The Common Core Curriculum can make sure that students are exposed to the skills and the information they need to build on from one grade to the next. Parents can feel confident knowing that their child is going to get a good education no matter where they have and which public school they attend.

Common Core can help to make sure that all students get the foundation they need for a successful future. It doesn’t matter what their goals and plans are for after graduation. Ensuring that children have skills they can use in the real world as well as in their post-secondary education is very important.

The goal of the common core is to help create a specific set of objectives and goals that educators use in a classroom to help students learn and be ready for the next grade level. With clear standards in place, parents are also able to understand what their children are learning and why in any particular grade. This enables parents to be more supportive and to assist with making school a pleasant experience for their children.

The underlying factor that makes common core so exciting is that it offers the same standards across the board. The 7th graders going to school in California will be learning the same principles and curriculum as the 7th graders in New York!

With the common core standards in place, it is believed that children won’t be falling through the cracks based on the teacher they had or the school they attended. This also reduces pressure on parents to live, in particular, areas so that they are zoned for their children to attend a certain public school with a reputation of a quality curriculum.

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