Ways To Help Kids Love To Learn US History

US history photoHistory is an important subject for kids. It provides an opportunity for the kids to learn about how the country has progressed and the events that were a factor in the progression. Unfortunately, history is often a boring subject for kids (and some adults). The good news is there are a variety of fun ways to help kids getting excited about learning history. One of the most difficult things about US history is memorizing the names and dates, but getting the kids involved in activities that will is related to various events in history, will encourage their creativity as well as help to remember the names and dates relating to the topic. Here are a few suggestions on how to help kids love to learn US history.

Play Dress Up

Playing dress-up doesn’t have to be fancy or even completely realistic looking. The kids will learn through trying to figure out the appropriate clothing for the era or event they are studying. The goal is to let them get creative. For example, if the lesson is about the Romans vs. the Greeks, costumes could consist of bike helmets, sheets or large towels and swords made from construction paper.

Take a Field Trip

There is a vast array of historical information that can be found in museums, caverns, historical homes and even the zoo. For example, studying the Victorian era could include a tour of local historical homes in the area.

Let Them Get Crafty

Sometimes, one of the easiest ways to learn history is through hands-on experiences. Crafting is a great way for kids to bring history to life. For example, when learning about Native American history, making rain sticks or dream catchers are perfect hands-on crafts for kids of all ages and they review what these items originally looked like and what their purpose was.

The more fun and adventurous the lessons are, the easier it will be for the kids to get interested in US history. Plan outings in advance to give kids something to look forward to and it will give them an opportunity to study various aspects of the lesson that they will be able to relate to the activity they are doing. For example, if studying the Civil War, consider spending the day at a reenactment, which will allow them to view the lifestyle of people during the time as well as view a battle.


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