Activities You Can Do With Flip Cards

Flip card teaching techniques are popular with teachers as well as parents because of their effectiveness. Parents especially enjoy flip card activities because it is an easy method for at-home teaching. There are several ways to use flip cards for teaching and you are only limited by your imagination when it comes to creative ways to incorporate them into your teaching methods. Here are just a few of the activities you can do with flip cards.

Memory Activities

Using flip cards for memory can include almost any topic, such as numbers, colors or objects. One activity for memory consists of:

  • Group students in two or more groups
  • Arrange a selection of flip cards in a circle on the floor
  • Students have one minute to memorize the cards
  • The groups will have two minutes to write as many of the items on the flip cards as they can remember. Such as what color shirt a person on the card was wearing, what color the house was or what the objects were.
  • Continue to alternate the cards and their positions.

Association Activities

Using flip cards with words, reveal the word to the student(s), cover the flip card with a piece of paper and slowly reveal the word. The students guess what the word is by you using single or small groups of words to describe the meaning of the word, for example, if the word is house, use words such as “you live in it” or if the word is cat, use the word “furry”. Once they have guessed the word completely reveal it. Continue through a few more cards, then only reveal the card without descriptions and let them guess the word.

Total Physical Response (TPR) Activities

Place flip cards around the classroom or your home, say what one of the cards are displaying and the students either point to it or race to it. Other ways to do this activity may include making statements that relate to the object on the cards. For example, for a flip card with a bunny, the students can be instructed to hop to the flip card.

Flip cards are versatile and simple, yet an often underused resource. For additional learning activities, encourage students to create their own activities with flip cards they make in class or at home.


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