Visual Learners Study Strategies

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Visual learners study strategies are more likely to succeed when their recommendations, materials, and also notes are plainly organized and created. In addition, notes and finding out products ought to be customized for the student. There are several options that could help achieve this. Making sure that the notes are clearly hand-written or typed, highlighters can save the day! Underscoring notes and also attracting charts and pictures are my two favorites. Always remember to make use of multiple tinted pens!

Associate Visual Signs with Words and/or Terms

This is a wonderful method to learn. Connecting mental photos with a particular idea, word, or term is the most effective way to keep or remember information, I dislike giving tests, yet occasionally they are needed– specifically when planning for college. When visual learners have to remember, they do best when they practice transforming visual hints into solutions. For an example, our study guides have a visual image on one side and the definition on the other side.

Plan for Tests by Visually Encoding Information.

Particularly, if you’re studying for an examination make certain that any kind of hard answers or terms is given some sort of visual encoding that aids with remembering. When I’m able to identify the concepts (after doing one or two go through the problem), I start linking it to a visual picture or idea. Visual learners have to be offered the possibility to practice connecting understanding and photos together. Some extremely fortunate individuals have aesthetically photographic memories … I just wish it were constantly that easy.

Get Involved!

This is essential for all learning types. I think it ought to be offered as a unique focus on visual learners since they could significantly benefit from participation– in group activities particularly.


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