How To Build Your Child’s Strengths And Abilities

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Focusing on your child’s strengths are vital in reaching their full potential. Imagine seeing a smiling child coming from school wearing a dirty uniform with traces of dirt on his face. This child might get accused of doing silly things in school, and he might be punished immediately without his parents knowing the real reason why he looked the way he did. Only after does the child tell his mother that he helped the gardener bring his tools to the storage room, and that the gardener thanked him for it.

This happens all too often. Some parents tend to focus on the negative things their children do such as failures, aggressiveness, stubbornness and messiness. Habitual reprimanding often results to learning, behavior, and attention issues. When a child is always anxious, irritated, and agitated, he might develop problems when it comes to finding and building his strengths. Child’s strengths are innate qualities that need to be developed to reach their full potential. Positive reinforcement can build his self-esteem and help him see his personal strengths and abilities.

Here are some tips on how to build your child’s strengths and abilities:

  1. Allow your child to commit mistakes.

This way, he will learn how to take risks essential to discover and develop a gift. Offer support every time he makes mistake and explain its consequences.

  1. Ask questions.

Throw him intriguing questions such as “How deep is the ocean?” to stimulate his imagination and reasoning skills. Find the answers together.

  1. Encourage, don’t push.

Allow the child to find his passion. Do not send him into special lessons, he may find it exhausting. Never pressure the child to learn.

  1. Set yourself as an example.

This will help develop their enthusiasm. Make sure to show good practices for him to follow but do not force him to follow your footsteps.

  1. Don’t criticize.

Stop nagging and motivate them instead. Do not judge the results of your child’s attempts, he may give up his talents if feels he is being evaluated.

  1. Use humor.

Learn how to take things easily and make learning fun for your child. This will encourage creativity and optimism.

Appreciate their effort when it comes to searching for new learning experiences. Provide encouraging words for them to continue.

Building your child’s strength requires time and effort to happen. Reinforcing a child to do things on his own, is the key to opening new learning opportunities and unlocking the strengths he possesses to develop his self.

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