Memorization Strategies for ADHD students

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Students with ADHD often struggle with memorization, which is the ability to recall something they see or hear. Memory deficits often make it difficult for students to do well in schoolwork, even if the information is used regularly. The good news is there are a variety of memorization strategies that may be beneficial for helping your child retain the information they are given for learning.

Provide Information in Small Chunks

It is easier to remember a few small groups of numbers or small amount information than a large group of numbers or a long, drawn-out paragraph. Breaking down the information into smaller chunks will help your child retain the information being presented. For example, if they are studying for a test, break large paragraphs into smaller sections, as small as 2-3 sentences would be ideal. By memorizing smaller chunks of information, they will be more apt to recall what they have learned about specific topics.

Games that Use Visual Memory

When it comes to memorization strategies, one of the most beneficial ways to boost their memory is through association. Visual games, such as online flip cards, can be used as a sort of memory game. For example, after reviewing the online flip cards have the child explain the connection between the flip card the content in their textbook. Finding unique ways to visually connect information will help with their forming and retrieving long-term memory. It also helps with their working memory, which is how new and old memories and held and compared.

Be The Student

Being able to explain something involves making sense of the information and then storing in memory. If your child is learning something new or studying for a test, ask them to teach you what they have learned. This will allow your child to start working with the information right away, so they bring the memory to a surface and once it is sent back to their memory, it will be less difficult to pull out the memory when needed.

When memorization tasks are fun, there is a better chance your child will recall the information given. Use every opportunity to work what they are learning into everyday games. For example, play memory card games, watch movies that pertain to what they are studying and remember to reward them for a job well done.


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