Why is it Important to Study Ancient Civilization?

Ancient CivilizationWhy should children be taught ancient civilization? The common assumption among students is that learning more about U.S. history is more important than learning about things that happened thousands of years ago in other parts of the world. In actuality, the most important reason children should be learning about ancient civilization is because this subject will provide students with a foundation of knowledge, both in history and other subjects, which they can build their future knowledge on.

Relating Current Elements to Ancient Civilization

The beginnings of civilizations as well as the basic elements that make up civilizations are essential and they will be revisited in future social science classes and humanities classes. For example, some of the elements of the current world, such as class divisions, government, economic surpluses, religion and geography, all relate back in some way to ancient civilization. So, starting backward and working their way forward in history is much more beneficial in several ways, including how history is tied together.

Understanding the World in Which They Live In

An ancient civilization is a topic that helps students have a better understanding of the world. For example, when relating ancient civilizations to humanities and social sciences it helps students understand the economic and political commonalities and differences among cultures, people, and the environment. By understanding the progression, it will improve their understanding of the world and the people who live in it. Ancient civilizations provide insight into why and how history has unfolded and become as it is.

One of the most difficult things in teaching ancient civilization to students of any age is creating a program that makes historical study interesting. Many students also struggle with the ability to receive a massive amount of information that is included in an ancient civilization course. The good news is it can become an interesting course and there are some ways to help students keep the information. Flip cards and visual study guides are excellent tools to assist students with memorization as well as visually see the progression of the world. For example, visual study guides and flip cards are a great way to display how students are actually the center of the universe; the guides for an ancient civilization course should start with the individual and gradually move outward; self, family, their community, their state, the country and finally the world, which ultimately demonstrates that not only where they are today began in ancient civilization, but how history has evolved to better the world in which they live.

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