Earth Science Visual Study Guide

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Benefits of using Visual Study Guides

One of the most common mistakes students make is not taking notes while they are studying. Many students expect to simply read their textbook and instantly be able to have all of the material stored in their memory. This may be the case in certain classes, where the student is familiar with the information, such as an English class that allows the student to quickly absorb information. However, in classes that are thought to be much more difficult such as Earth Science or math, it is almost impossible for your child to hold all of the information in their head. These subjects and the information provided is typically much too complex; they require your child to first capture the information and then periodically review what they have learned. Visual study guides are the ideal tool for capturing the information they need to study for tests as well as make a great reference for future studying sessions. Here are just a few of the ways study guides can help your child succeed in school.

Comprehending Concepts for Earth Science

If your child were to read a math or science textbook straight through, like they would a novel, they are not reading in a method that is conducive to absorbing information. In order to be successful while studying complex subjects, your child needs to replay every concept presented in the textbook over and over in their mind until they fully understand it. Visual study guides are extremely beneficial for helping them retain information they read by “seeing” it.  Generally, full comprehension is not recognized until the child can fully teach it to someone else. As your child is reading their textbook, encourage them to take the time to reflect on what they have learned and then use their study guide to put the information into their own words. Along with visual study guides, encourage them to draw pictures and work a lot of example problems, which will help them be able to associate what their own wording with what they read in the textbook or what the teacher presents in class.

Reduce the Frustration

If your child is like many other students, they often get frustrated while reading a textbook. Textbooks can seem really overwhelming and even impossible to comprehend, especially if it is a subject you child struggles in. Kids put a lot of pressure on themselves by expecting to remember all of the concepts they are expected to learn by simply reading their textbook. If your child’s strategy is to simply read their textbooks, they would have to read the same thing over and over in order to retain only a small percentage of the information. However, it is much more productive to understand and comprehend what they read. Visual Study Guides that can put a “picture” into the words.  So, by documenting information and referring back to the information in study guides, they are essentially repeating the information they are learning; therefore greatly improving their comprehension.

Brief periodic review sessions of visual study guides can help reinforce what your child has learned in their subconscious because they have already forced themselves to reflect on and absorb the material. A study guide can serve as an extremely beneficial reference for problem-solving and reinforcing concepts that they will be able to use well beyond their academic studies.

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