A Significant Resource for Native Americans was Fresh Water

One of the most significant resources that the Native Americans had was fresh water. The largest supply of fresh water was found in the Great Lakes, and the rivers running through North America. The lakes and rivers provided the natives with food, such as fish, frogs, clams, and turtles. The freshwater lakes and rivers also provided water for larger animals like deer, buffalo, bears, elk, and bobcats. Some animals inhabited the waterways that provided food, including mink, muskrats, beavers, and otters. Not only did the lakes and rivers provide food, but they also provided the primary means of transportation for Native Americans. The tribes depended on freshwater rivers that flowed into the sea, and those living in coastal areas relied on saltwater fish to eat but could not drink the seawater.

The weather in North America was variable, and the North American natives needed hides and furs for clothing and shelter, such as tents. The cold air coming down from northern Canada and the hot moist air from the Gulf of Mexico contributed to the variation of weather conditions across North America. Large parts of the country had abundant rainfall, allowing crops to grow, and providing another water source for the Native Americans.


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