3 Study Techniques to Help ADHD Students with Learning

ADHD Students often have difficulty finding the right techniques to help them succeed in learning, especially when attempting to complete demanding and boring tasks. They can “hyperfocus” on the tasks they find interesting, but procrastination is common with tedious tasks. The key for ADHD students to study effectively is to make their learning interesting. Although it may be challenging to find the techniques that work the best, there are several different strategies that you can experiment with.

Study in Short Increments

First, you must find the child’s peak study time. For example, some children do better at maintaining their focus immediately after arriving home from school. At the same time, other kids may need to wind down when they get home and do their best studying after dinner.  Whichever time frame works best for your child, break the time into short increments. Students learn more when they aren’t trying to absorb and retain large chunks of information.

Use Study Tools

One of the most effective learning techniques is the use of study tools. Downloadable and online flip cards are excellent learning tools for ADHD students. Study guides allow the student to associate what they are doing with their homework with a visual cue. Studies have shown that movement can stimulate parts of the frontal lobe region and attention control; using flip cards for learning can be beneficial for activating this stimulation.

Practice Makes Perfect

Whether studying for daily school assignments or an upcoming test, repetition can help alleviate anxiety, allowing the student to focus more on the task. Set up practice tests that include the information they are currently learning, but limit the new questions to only 1-2 at a time. A “practice” test is given each time, including the previous questions and an additional question or two. The more the questions are answered, the greater the chance the student retains the information.

Encourage the student to ask questions about any information they are struggling with. Parents and teachers should develop a plan to coincide work at home and school.


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