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Visual Brand Learning was founded by a team of educational professionals with decades of combined teaching experience at the elementary, middle-school, high-school, and college levels. Our teaching expertise includes working with children who have a variety of different learning styles, abilities, and needs, including children with autism and dyslexia, as well as children for whom English is a second language.

We have worked with children in mainstream classes, small groups, and individually, including children with autism and dyslexia.


Our Vision


We believe that children learn at different rates, and with varied styles of comprehension and focus. Visual Learning is educational tools that can help any child enhance their retention and comprehension skills. We have been using our visual packets with our own children, as well as others, and have received positive feedback and comments on the effectiveness of our program.

The Visual Brand flashcards cover topics and vocabulary in science and history that your child will encounter while learning the Common Core. Our goal is to make our flashcards available to anyone who would like to have another learning tool to help their children succeed. We hope that you will try our materials and find them to be useful and beneficial to your child’s education.

Our Offer

We offer Visual Flashcards for children in grades 5 – 8 in a downloadable PDF  in a print and online format. Simply print, fold, cut and go.

We are also pleased to offer online visual flashcards. These cards can be used on any electronic device, such as a personal computer, iPad or cell phone.

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