Tips for Effective Test Taking Strategies

December 05, 2016

How your tween takes a test or school exam can make a difference in how well they do.  The tips they use to take a multiple choice test will be different from those used to take ...

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The Benefits of Buying Study Guides on Kindle

November 14, 2016

We as parents use study guides because we want the best education for our children. If our children are having difficulties, we would do anything to help them to learn easier. That is why Visual Brand ...

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Teachers: Free Study Guides

November 03, 2016

Check our Facebook Page to find more free study guide campaigns Teaching can be difficult if no one is having fun. Both the teacher and children can be miserable. That's why we have created a site like ...

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How to improve grades by learning how to memorize

October 29, 2016

Students all have the need to memorize something at one time or another.  Students may need to memorize history facts, poetry, or text.  Adult learners and employees often have the need to memorize facts for meetings ...

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Enhance Learning with Active Recall

October 03, 2016

Do your recall in high school that one class that you absolutely hated? This was the class that was so painfully boring that you thought you would die before the bell rang. You painfully tried to ...

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Need to know facts about Ancient Astronomical Calendars

September 24, 2016

Today can be purchased by anybody in thousands of stores as well as on the Internet. That hasn't always been the case, however. In ancient times, the high priests or wise men guarded the sacred records ...

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Back to School Study Tips

August 19, 2016

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The Different Types of Galaxies

June 07, 2016

First, a bit of information: A light year is the distance that light travels in one year (roughly six trillion miles). The nearest star to our sun is four light years away. There are four kinds of ...

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Ancient Astronomical Calendars

May 31, 2016

Today astronomical calendars can be purchased by anybody. That hasn't always been the case, however. In ancient times, the high priests or wise men guarded the sacred records of time. All calendars, even the modern ones that ...

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Common Core and the Child with Learning Disabilities

April 26, 2016

In a article "Common Core: What's right for special education students?" points out the question whether common should be optional for special education studies. "Since Common Core was launched in 2009 - New York adopted it in ...

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