10 Tips for Boosting the English Language

May 05, 2019

As easy as acquiring multiple languages is for small children, the single most important factor in language learning is the quantity of spoken language addressed to the child. So, if you worry that you aren’t providing enough, here are a few tricks to boost your child’s English language.

  1. Other kids: Join (or start) Have a activity with English speaking kids. Children of all ages will learn from each other; there simply are no better language teachers than other kids. An added bonus will be that you will connect with other parents of bilingual
  2. Books: Of course you know how vital those precious one-on-one moments are, but remember that they can be infused with English language learning also. Books are the most effective tool for teaching language, and so I advise all parents is to create a dialogue, encouraging your child’s comments, responses, and elaborations. Talk about what the characters are like and what they might be doing next.
  3. The right stuff: From books, add video, television and games. There are a multitude of aides towards fluency. In particular, games that use rhyming will make the most of language memory, but “I Spy”, “Bingo” and “Memory” with picture cards will also playfully build vocabulary.
  4. Tap into their interests: Whatever your child’s enthusiasms may be — whether a love of soccer, dance, or horses — make an effort to ‘involve’ these passions in the English language.
  5. Be creative: The trick is to give the child lots to talk about, so draw out that conversation! Encourage them to make up their own stories, play dress-up and pretend in the English language. Older children may enjoy calling or using a webcam for calls overseas (one such free service is
  6. Baby sitter: Find a college student who speaks English language, or for something more consistent, try a nanny or an au-pair.
  7. Flashcards: Flashcards make learning fun and if you a visual learner it makes it even more easier to learn.

There is a myriad of ways to ensure that English language time is “quality time,” but like any other aspect of parenting: trust your judgment, employ your imagination, and listen very, very well.

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