Promise for English Language Learners

May 13, 2019
English Language Learners

English language learners within the United States continues to rise sharply.  Just by sheer number alone, people who use English as a second language represent a large and powerful group.

Greater diversity in our schools provides a tremendous opportunity to help students become global citizens and prepare them for success in the 21st century. But with these changing demographics, schools must adjust to better serve students with very different needs. While English language learners are a significant share of the population, their performance lags far behind their native English-speaking peers. For example, on the most recent national assessments, only 14 percent of fourth-grade English language learners were proficient in math, compared to 43 percent of non English-language learners. They also have some of the lowest high school graduation rates: Less than 63 percent of English-language learners graduate in four years, nearly 20 points below the national average. Source

These numbers are dramatic and provide a need to create and implement strategies that will help this population to learn easily. Visual Brand Learning provides visual flashcards to help students learn about science and social studies.

From books, add video, television, and games. There is a multitude of aides towards fluency. In particular, flashcards that use rhyming will make the most of language memory, but flashcards will also playfully build vocabulary.

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