Teachers: Teach Common Core the “Fun Way” with Study Guides

May 24, 2019

teacher photoTeaching common core can be difficult if no one is having fun. Both the teacher and children can be miserable. That’s why we have created a site like Visual Brand Learning. Many teachers have discovered that adding a few inquisitive (and fun) educational flashcards to their classrooms brings better learning and a happier atmosphere for years to come. You can make learning fun for your students and improve morale for an entire classroom using just a few of these.

Find teacher supplies that bring learning to life. Children today are programmed to learn from what they see and hear. They watch television and videos, they play video games, use computers, etc. All these activities focus on seeing and hearing. Why not add some interesting visual flashcards to the classroom to enhance what they are learning.

Here are some examples:

*Spanish Class:

For an middle school Spanish class, give each child a flashcard with a bean bag. Have them read some Spanish text or memorize some words, and then allow them to shake the beanbag when they know the answer to a question. Another idea for this class is to teach them some songs in Spanish and let them make up simple skits using the Spanish Ancient_Egypt_ VBL PIClanguage.

*History Class:

For older students, use flashcards with important events to teach dates, places and names in history. These help to simplify the memorization process when many dates and events must be studied for a test.


All these printable flashcards can be found Visual Brand Learning. Visual Brand Learning provides support for middle-school students who face the challenge of simultaneously mastering a new language and meeting rigorous educational standards. We understand that it’s the vocabulary—not the academic concepts—that many ELL students struggle with.

Ofrecemos una variedad de guías de estudio visual con atractivas visuales y definiciones educativas para estudiantes de secundaria. Únase a nuestra membresía en visual brand learning.com donde puede descargar nuestros productos por una pequeña cuota.

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