Ancient China Visual Study Guide Set Spanish


36 Study Guides in English, front and back, in PDF format. The print version can be cut and folded and ready to go. This study guide collection covers the Ancient China and is suitable for visual learners grades 5 – 8.


This set includes the following 36 – 2 versions Print and online version in Spanish

Ancient China Civilization, Ancient China Geographical Barriers, Huang River Ancient Chinese Civilization, Huang River Features, Huang River China’s Great Sorrow, Yangtze River Ancient Chinese Civilization, Yangtze River Features, Xia Dynasty, Shang Dynasty, Bronze Age, Agriculture Earliest Methods, Agriculture Class Structure, Agriculture Major Crops, Inventions, New Ideas Medicine, New Ideas Five Elements Theory, New Ideas Chinese Writing, New Ideas Mathematics, Artworks Bronze, Artworks Jade, Artworks Ceramic, Society Social Classes, Society Family Life, Ancient Religions Ancestor Worship, Later Religions, Confucianism, Buddhism, Taoism, Legalism, Great Wall of China, Dynasty, Mandate of Heaven, Warring States Period, and 3 test questions.

Instructions on how create the printable study guides .


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