Ancient Civilization Study Guides Sets

Ancient Civilization Study Guide include the Sumerians Visual Study Guide Set, Ancient Egypt Visual Study Guide Set, Indus Valley Visual Study Guide Set, Ancient China Visual Study Guide Set
Sumerians Flip Cards and Quiz For Members Only
Sumerians Visual Study Guide Set includes the following visual Study Guides:

Sumerians, Euphrates River, Tigris River, Mesopotamia, City-States, Priest-Kings, Sumerian City-States, Complex Buildings Ziggurats, Complex Buildings Tower of Babel, Fertile Soil. Specialized Workers, Advanced Technology, Irrigation, Record Keeping, Pictograph, Cuneiform, Surplus, Drought, Code of Hammurabi, Polytheism Plus one large map of Mesopotamia, and 2 quiz questions.

Ancient Egypt Video (available outside of membership site for a limited time)

Ancient Egypt Flip Cards For Members Only
Ancient Egypt Visual Flashcard Set includes the following visual flashcards:

Ancient Egypt Civilization, Nile River, Ancient Egypt Natural Resources, Ancient Egypt Use of Resources, Ancient Egypt Trade in Africa, Ancient Egypt Trade with the Near East, Ancient Egypt Land Transportation, Ancient Egypt Water Transportation, Ancient Egypt Compex Technology, Ancient Egypt Agriculture, Ancient Egypt Droughts, Ancient Egypt Irrigation, Ancient Egypt Family Life, Ancient Egypt Social Classes, Ancient Egypt Taxes, Ancient Egypt Religious Beliefs, Ancient Egypt Religious Worship, Ancient Egypt Pharaohs, Ancient Egypt Pyramids, Ancient Egypt Art, Ancient Egypt Writing, King Tut, Valley of the Kings , Mummy, Scribe and 2 test cards.

Indus Valley Flip Cards and Quiz
(Free access) Indus Valley Visual Study Guide Set includes the following visual study guide:

Indus Valley Civilization, Indus Valley Harappan, Harappan Civilization Discovery, Indus Valley Geographic Location, Indus Valley Geographic Barriers, Indus Valley Geographic Features, Urban Centers, Urban Life, Architecture Cities, Architecture Sanitation Systems, Architecture Wells, and Public Baths, Architecture Measurements of Length and Weight, Mathematics, Writing System, Agriculture, Trade, Social Structure, Rulers, Religion, Harappan Civilization Decline and Fall, and 3 quiz questions.

Ancient China Flip Cards For Members Only
Ancient China Visual Study Guide Set includes the following visual study guide:

Ancient China Civilization, Ancient China Geographical Barriers, Huang River Ancient Chinese Civilization, Huang River Features, Huang River China’s Great Sorrow, Yangtze River Ancient Chinese Civilization, Yangtze River Features, Xia Dynasty, Shang Dynasty, Bronze Age, Agriculture Earliest Methods, Agriculture Class Structure, Agriculture Major Crops, Inventions, New Ideas Medicine, New Ideas Five Elements Theory, New Ideas Chinese Writing, New Ideas Mathematics, Artworks Bronze, Artworks Jade, Artworks Ceramic, Society Social Classes, Society Family Life, Ancient Religions Ancestor Worship, Later Religions, Confucianism, Buddhism, Taoism, Legalism, Great Wall of China, Dynasty, Mandate of Heaven, Warring States Period, and 3 test questions.

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