Physical Science

Physical Science – Matter and Atom

Matter Flip Cards

Matter Visual Study Guides Set includes the following visual study guides:

Matter, mass, solid, liquid, gas, physical change, chemical change, melting, evaporation, condensation, freezing irreversible change and 2 test questions.

The Atom Flip Card and Quiz

Atom video (available outside of membership site for a limited time)

Atom Visual study guide Set includes the following visual study guides:

Atom, structure of an atom nucleus, structure of an atom proton, structure of an atom neutron, structure of an atom electron, structure of an atom Bohr Model, structure of an atom Electron Cloud Model, element, atomic number, mass number, hydrogen, isotopes, ion, Periodic Table, Periodic Table Periods, Periodic Table Groups, Periodic Table Metals and Non Metals. Periodic Table Metals, Periodic table Nonmetals and 3 test questions.

Electromagnetic Radiation and Waves Flashcard Set includes the following visual flashcards:

Electromagnetic Radiation, radiation, wave, electromagnetic wave, vacuum, medium, period, wavelength, frequency, hertz, amplitude, electromagnetic spectrum, radio waves, microwaves, infrared radiation, visible light, colors of visible light, ultraviolet radiation, x-rays, gamma rays, and 2 test questions.

Light Flip Card and Quiz

Light Visual Study Guides Set includes the following visual study guides:

Light, speed of light, transparent, white light, Ray Model of Light, transverse wave, scattering, reflection, Ray diagram, opaque, translucent, absorption, diffuse reflection, specular reflection, law of reflection, angle of reflection, angle of incidence, normal, reflected ray, incident ray, refraction, diffraction, and 2 test questions.


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