Sumerians Visual Study Guide Set Spanish


El conjunto de tarjetas visuales de los Sumarios incluye las siguientes flashcards visuales:

Sumerians, Euphrates River, Tigris River, Mesopotamia, City-States, Priest-Kings, Sumerian City-States, Complex Buildings Ziggurats, Complex Buildings Tower of Babel, Fertile Soil. Specialized Workers, Advanced Technology, Irrigation, Record Keeping, Pictograph, Cuneiform, Surplus, Drought, Code of Hammurabi, Polytheism Plus one large map of Mesopotamia, and 2 quiz questions.


22 Study Guides in Spanish and English, front and back, in PDF format. The print version can be cut and folded and ready to go. This study guide collection covers the Sumerians and is suitable for visual learners grades 5 – 8.


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