Homeschooling Study Tips

March 20, 2020
back to school

Homeschooling begins for millions of kids across the country.  Getting your child learning online, regardless of whether they are in Kindergarten or a senior in high school, is a must.  Here are some tips to make the transition for a couple weeks of fun homeschooling.

Children in Kindergarten – 5th grade

  1. Have your children go to bed at the time they will when school begins.  Set their alarm or wake them around the time they usually go to school. When school starts again, they will already be in the habit of going to school.  Many young children need to be on a schedule.
  2.  If you have a school supply list. For the child who is not organized, this is a good way to begin homeschooling on the right foot.   Buy some extra supplies to keep at home if your child is one to lose or forget their pencils or markers at school. They will probably need some basic supplies for homework time.  Nothing is more frustrating than sitting down to do homework and discovering the basics are missing.

Middle School

  1. Pre-teens may not admit they are nervous, but most parents are.  Allow breaks to connect with friends on social media or have them wait until “school time” is over. Have them do their work away from any distractions (television).
  2. Get in the habit from day one of checking online assignments.  Visit the school website (Google Docs) and see if homework and grades will be posted on the site.  This is an excellent way to stay involved with your child’s progress.

Regardless of the age and grade of your children, stay involved and have fun.

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