Study Smarter Not Harder With Visual Learning

November 21, 2018

Most people are visual learners. They encode and decode things around them through visual language.

The inclination of people to learn through their eyes has its roots as early as childhood. Children learn the alphabet and numbers through flash cards. Here, the information is straightforward and visually-appealing.

Later in school, simple and enjoyable visual learning vanishes. Reading a lengthy textbook seems to be the norm in higher education.

Due to this, below are tips on how to remember more textbook information using visual aids.

  • Study guides – The first thing a student should do with a textbook is to survey its contents.  Look for study guides such as table of contents and chapter summaries.

With this, students discover the interesting parts of the book. They can also adjust their study habits depending on how hard the information is presented.

To skim through the pages, use graphs and tables than reading paragraphs one by one. Having familiarity and drive to read the book is important. The student can gauge how much effort is needed to read or review a chapter.

  • Visual Study Guides – The student should review the previous lesson within the day. It is harder to remember information after 24 hours.

Put hard-to-remember words and important concepts on a 3×5 cards. With minimal words, it can promote concentration. Also, the eyes and mind will not be strained much from re-reading the textbook.

  • Use pictures or draw one to illustrate parts of something (say, a human body). In the case of the Periodic Table of Elements, it is easier to remember when data is organized (and colored). It is better than looking through a list of things.

Compared to text, visual aids are more appealing to the learner. These techniques are introduced as early as childhood. They promote simple, straightforward and enjoyable learning method to study smarter.

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