Technology in the Classroom and how it Benefits Visual Learners

December 26, 2019

Various forms of technology in the classroom have always been helpful tools for all students, especially visual learners. The projector was, for a long time, the most utilized form of this but in the last 2 decades, computers with displays have become the predominant means of technology used for visual purposes. As technology advances, this will lead to more utilization of newer forms of visual learning, and increasingly in the way of laptops and tablets.
One of the most useful benefits of tablets and laptops are the ability to revisit what has been taught in the classrooms while at home or within study groups where students are always connected. When children have access to the same material while at home, it’s easier for a lot of children to grasp and retain the same information presented in the same way rather than relying on hand-written notes. Also, the ability to connect with other students and sometimes the teachers has proven to be very helpful for students to either catch up on information they missed, or reach out for help from peers or teachers to better understand the course material.
Another way this technology is increasingly utilized is in the way of homework and quiz portals for students to complete at home, study guides. Being connected by these means allows students to review their work and be shown where mistakes may have been made so that they can learn where the mistakes were made in real-time. Not long ago this wasn’t possible with just pencil and paper, now allowing students to be better prepared when they are back in the classroom.
These are just a few examples of the way that technology in the classroom both connects, and continues to evolve the way in which children learn more effectively, and as time continues to move forward, no doubt technology will continue to progress for the benefit of visual learning, as well.