The top test taking strategies for middle school students

July 12, 2019

Whether you are in middle school or college, taking tests is unavoidable. There are several factors that are an important part of improving your grade on the tests you take as well as improving your academic success, including learning how to take proper notes, studying and test-taking strategies. It is important to understand that your test-taking strategies will vary depending on the type of test you are taking, but the following strategies will help you with both multiple-choice and essay type tests.

Arrive Early

Arriving early before a test will allow you to take a moment to relax. Using the time to focus your mind and think positive thoughts will help to boost your confidence and get you off to a good start.

Listen to Last Minute Instructions

It is common for teachers to make last-minute changes on the test and missing the instructions can increase your anxiety, so pay close attention to any last-minute instructions given by the teacher and take a minute to absorb the changes.

Read the Directions

One of the most important test tip strategies to keep in mind is that it is important to carefully read the directions. If you read the directions before getting started it will help you avoid making simple mistakes and prevent you from wasting time going back to redo work because you didn’t understand the directions. For example, on an essay test, one detail may require you to choose three out of the five essay questions and on a multiple-choice test there may be more than one answer.

First Impressions

In most situations, the answer that first comes to your mind is often the correct answer. If you nervously continue to review the questions and change your answers, it may do more harm than good, so always go with your first impression.

Tests are naturally and understandably stressful, but it is important to maintain a positive attitude. Don’t let a difficult question increase your anxiety, instead move on to another question and if you have time, go back to the one you missed. Try to stay focused and relaxed, which will help you keep your mind on the test.

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