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October 17, 2019

When most parents hear the word online study flip cards, they can’t quite envision it, but when students see the word on one slide and flip the card to reveal the definition. Online flip cards allow a tutor and student to practice terms and vocabulary.  It is one of the best study resources for visual learners.

Once the parent understands the concept of online flip cards, they are often times amazed. The student can practice terms while on a tablet or cell phone. A parent or tutor is able to walk the student through the process and help the student if they are having issues. This one on one communication is what most students need to overcome learning obstacles.

Online flip cards allow any student to practice the term without the intimidation factor. Students feel comfortable learning online and the fact that each lesson can be also printed is a wonderful study tool.

If you never tried online flip cards, I suggest you give it a try and allow your child to learn online. The cost is usually less than a private tutor and you won’t have to drive and worry about scheduling issues. Your child can learn from any computer as long as there is an internet connection.

Topics include physical science, Ancient Civilization, Life Science, Earth Science, and U.S. History. We are currently in the process of creating videos that help your student learn with images, words, and music.


Visual Brand Learning also offers Annual memberships for only $25.00 that are valid for one year from the date of purchase. You can enjoy 365 days of accessing over 400 individual study cards that are available online and printable study guides. We also offer many resources for Visual Learners their parents and teachers such as interactive Maps for Common Core and Dyslexia. We also provide information on videos, books, articles and Professional Organizations related to all Visual Learners. Check out our website at

Individual sets are available in both English and Spanish on Teachers Pay Teachers. Click on the following link  to see all of our products on TPT.

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  • View our Ancient China flip cards sample below.
  • Ancient China Civilization

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    Xia Dynasty

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    Shang Dynasty

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    Zhou Dynasty

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